Comedy classes for kids

Through games, exercises, and scenework, students improve skills like communication, perception, working as a team, creative thinking, problem solving, and just making each other laugh.

Spring Term Classes begin March 28th



Elementary Comedy

Spring Term

Sun 4/8-5/20 (7X)              12 PM – 12:45 PM                $72

Middle School Comedy

Spring Term

Thur 3/29-5/17 (8X)             5 PM - 6 PM                         $99

High School Comedy

Spring Term

Wed 3/28-5/16 (8X)             5 PM - 6 PM                         $99

Youth Standup Comedy Workshop

Spring Term

Fri 3/30-5/18 (8X)                5 PM - 6 PM *                      $88


Also watch for Spring and Summer camps for kids.

Each class will have at least one performance per term

* Time does not include performances and outside writing time.

Classes can be cancelled for insufficient enrollment.

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